Alternate Ways To Connect

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The digital world is expanding, there's always something new to explore

but here at Bakeshop Creations, we try to use safe platforms with a reasonable

track record. BSC supports Independent thought and robust conversation.

Join us anywhere you feel like, please note this website is the best way to communicate with us directly!


Rumble Gets some extra content not shared in any

Of our more Visible Social Media. Rumble is interesting because it has a management aspect. you put clips on rumble, they monetize them and send them out to

as many places on the internet they can, and pay you most of the earnings. you don't have to do much and

old clips can make money. you can also watch clips for

tickets and a daily chance at money!

Click the link here to sign up

Library Through Odysee

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Our Entire Catalog is Carried over from

Youtube to Odysee via LBRY. A video hosting platform

that is working on sustaining its own crypto currency.

Find us there if you prefer alt tech

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